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Car Buying and 4wd Servicing Tips

Are You the First Time Car Buyer? Welcome to one of the Largest 4wd Dealerships in Australia

For a keen car lover and knowledgeable buyer, buying a used car in today's market makes a great deal of sense. But the main concern is how and where to buy the used cars or used 4wds? We are the leading and one of the largest used cars or 4wd dealerships in Perth Western Australia. Our easy car search or car find facilities help buyers to browse through our wide and vast collections of used commercial 4wd cars or used passenger 4wd cars available for sale Online. Make your Search as per your needs and we will provide you the best range of cars or 4wds available for sale at affordable rates and Provide free delivery to anywhere in Australia.

General Car Buying Tips

The used car market has developed a lot in recent times and most car dealers now sell certified used cars, which include warranties. Now if you have decided to buy a used car there are some do's and don'ts. Try to get as much information as you can from your sources. Follow some simple buying tips to get the best deal:

  1. Decide your budget: It is good to have a rough idea of the amount that you can afford to spend on buying the car before starting the car buying process.
  2. Selecting the right model: Unlike buying a new car you can't be fussy while buying a used car. You have to be flexible. Think about your needs and driving habits. Study about different car models and its technical specifications. Finally settle on a model which suits your lifestyle and image.
  3. Communicate with the seller: You can buy the used car either from a dealer or from an individual. However, most people consider it a lot safer and easier to buy from a dealer.
  4. Inspect the car: Now this is the most vital tip while you look to buy a used car. Keep following things in mind while inspecting the car:

    • The engine should work smoothly without surging, and accelerate from standstill without bucking or hesitating.
    • Look carefully for signs of repainting. Make sure whether all the body parts are of same color. Look under the car for welding within the chassis or suspension parts. Also check for rust.
    • Check the condition of battery.
    • Check whether all the headlights and indicators are performing effectively.
    • Check air conditioning for proper operation.

  5. Test drive: Test driving is an essential part of car buying process. A test drive will give you the feel of the car and aid you in having a right decision. Look out for following things while taking a test drive:

    • Make sure the engine starts well.
    • Apply brakes a bit to test that the car stops in a straight line. After that examine the working of speedometer and mileage recorder. The pedal feel should be smooth and linear, and stopping the car shouldn't take a huge effort.
    • Clutch should be smooth in its operation. When releasing the clutch, the car should move gradually without uneven jerks.

  6. Ensure that the paperwork is in proper order: It is very important to ensure that the paperwork of the vehicle is in order before finalizing the deal. The checklist for paperwork is as follows:

    • Registration: It should show the date and address of registration. Check if it is a duplicate or not. The car's Engine No. and the Chassis No. should be confirmed. In addition to this check the state of registration mentioned in the papers.
    • Invoice: Do not forget to get the original invoice of the car from the owner. You can know details like engine no., chassis no., date of delivery, delivery dealer and whether the car was financed or not. The usage of used cars has increased significantly in the recent years and some of the vital servicing tips that can increase longevity of your car to a much greater extent can be:
    • Check engine oil: The performance of the car engine is largely dependent upon the engine oil. The decrease in the level of engine oil is usually shown by an indicator. Now in order to have an effective performance of the engine it is a necessity to keep on checking and changing the engine oil at regular intervals.
    • Check the working of the car brakes: The braking system of the cars is quite vital in the viewpoint of security. Often it is seen that brakes with low brake fluids tend to become soft. The accretion of dust on the car breaks also results in the irregular sounds coming from the brakes while they are pressed. During servicing if on pressing the brakes car pulls on to a side then there may be a problem with the adjustment of the brake clearance.
    • Check the electrical system of the car: The electrical system of the car is one of the inherent parts of the car that is regularly needed to be checked to ensure hassle free driving and high level performance.
    • Check the condition of the tyres: Always make it sure that the tires of your car are filled with recommended air pressure. Both low and high pressure can slow down smooth driving.





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