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Jeep Cherokee: Fun on Four Wheels


The Jeep Cherokee is a slight departure from the box type design that buyers identify Jeeps with. The Cherokee can be called as a success story in the Australian car market with numerous variants of this Jeep clocking high sales especially in Western Australia.
Being a Jeep, it is mechanically tough and it can ride well on dirt rods, rocky, wet, and marshy surfaces and has a high resale value in the second hand market.

However its interior are not as inviting and appealing as a sedan. Features like air conditioning, electric windows, music players, remote central locking are included in all variants of the Jeep Cherokee. The steering wheel can be adjusted for height while the seats are also electronically adjustable .Adjustable seats enable drivers to have a commanding view of the road giving them a greater sense of control. Helpful features like the GPS navigation system enable drivers find the shortest route to their destination.

The only drawback of the Cherokee that we could spot that the engine noise becomes a bit loud when you begin to accelerate. Luggage space has increased ever since the manufacturer has moved the spare wheel outside to hang on the tailgate. In terms of price, it is not that cheap as compared to its rivalís .In our opinion, you should go the diesel variant as compared to the petrol model as it will give great value for money.

Some limited edition models come with enhanced features like cruise controls, front fog lamps, 16-inch alloy wheels, tyre pressure monitors, and electronic stability controls. Features like electronic stability control enable it to run smoothly on wet surfaces. The electronic stability control features cut off engine power to correct the carís line during a skid caused by an emergency maneuver. The driverís seatbelt is equipped with a pretensioner that ensures the safety of the occupant during a crash. Such features have found favor amongst buyers making it one of the popular cars in the Australian car market..





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